5 Primary Rules of Typography in Graphic Designs

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Typography is a study that learns about the technique to arrange the font as well as the art value in it so that the meaning and message can be delivered well to the readers. The management of typography is not only about the selection of the font’s style, size, decoration, and appropriateness with the theme but also the placement on the design.

In general, there are some rules in applying typography in graphic designs. A good designer should study them well so that he can develop his ability in creating more qualified designs. What are those rules? Check them out.

Proper Alignment

Alignment is a very essential thing in typography. Many people tend to choose one between Center Aligned and Justified. Well, although they are very common, it doesn’t mean that those alignment types are the best. The type of alignment to choose must be able to adjust the paragraph. Make sure to know all Alignment types first starting from Left Align, Center-Aligned, Right Aligned, and Justified. If you are still a beginner, the safest choice is indeed Left Align or Flushed Left since the readers may read the font more comfortably.

Grid Usage

The grid is a tool to arrange the objects in planning the 3D images on the 2D sphere. Working with grids eases you to make sure that each detail can be represented well logically and visually. Indeed, it may take more time to learn more about grid usage. But it is not something impossible to be mastered only in a few days.

Font Color

In the world of graphic design, a designer indeed needs to learn more about the font palette even theoretically. There are some rules regarding this matter so that the design finally looks more good looking. Here is one of the examples. Orange, both the fruit and color, is refreshing and cheerful as well as it is considered very good to increase the appetite. That’s why; this color is often found in fast food restaurants.

So, make sure that your font applies the right font. But the font color should not be too striking if there is another focus in the design like the image or illustration.

Typography Measurement

The typography measurement is very important in term of graphic design. It is used to describe the entire width of the text. You must know that not all the fonts have the same sizes. It means that the different font may have taken the different sizes of space on the page. The general setting used to measure the font is known as Point System.

Font Combination

Using 2 types of font and even more is common in the world of graphic design and typography. Sure, it is as long as you are able to combine them well. In fact, using so many fonts at once simply makes the design look weird and confusing. In general, there is a maximum of 3 font styles to be used for the title, subhead, and body. Except if the text of the design is quite long, you can have 1 or 2 more font styles.

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