5 Steps of Choosing the Font for a Good-Looking Design

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When creating a design, the process of selecting the font is probably not a difficult step. However, it sometimes takes more time. This is caused by the many considerations to think about in determining the right one. Meanwhile, trials and errors often happen after finding a font that is really suitable for the entire design. Actually, with some steps, you can find the best font for your design without wasting too much time. What are they?

Determining the Design’s Image

In the beginning, you must have determined the main image to establish in the entire design. Does the design look smart, friendly, or elegant? Besides, you should also learn about the product to be advertised with the design, particularly regarding the market targets. Is the product is for men, women, teenagers, kids, or family?

The process of image determination can be done by using a feature namely mood board in which some fonts are limited into 3-5 styles only. A friendly design, as an example, is commonly represented by the rounded fonts. It is more effective to attract customers from the realms of family, kids, and sometimes teenagers. Meanwhile, the smart and elegant design uses the full capital font that looks simpler and more minimalist.

Considering the Messages to Deliver

Despite representing the design, the font also plays many important roles to deliver the messages. Sure, a kind of playful fonts is not recommended for the serious and formal messages. Meanwhile, if the product is for kids, it is more suggested to apply cute fonts rather than the formal ones. Yes, formal fonts with simple details are better if the products’ customers come from the realm of young adults.

Considering the Functions

Yes, the type and form of the font are definitely important. But in designing, you must also think about the function itself. There are some fonts that make the design look more minimalist. Meanwhile, some other fonts look heavier and able to fill in the entire design.

To choose which the better one between those two, you may take a look at the design. The minimalist font is better for the minimalist designs or the designs that have been full of accents and details. Meanwhile, the heavy ones are better to be added to a design that looks quite monotonous. Above all, whatever the font is finally chosen, it must not damage or disturb the image and illustration displayed with it.

Following the Trends

Even if you are currently designing something classical, it doesn’t mean you can just ignore the latest trends. This way, your classic or vintage designs can still attract the viewers and gain more customers. To know the latest trends, it is not difficult to do. You can follow the social media of popular from producers like Commercial Type and Font Bureau.

Testing It

Lastly, to make sure that the font you use is relevant to the entire design, you can just test it. You may combine the size and color of the font along with the spacing in it. Then, pay attention to the effects into your design, in general.

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