What can I use your freebies for?

Every free product we provide license information in the description column. Or you can see the full guidelines on the license page. If you have any specific questions, just send us an email at [email protected], or use our contact page.

How do I download the freebies?

Every product that has been purchased or free will appear on the download link directly and will also be sent automatically to your email.

What software do I need to use this font?

Fonts will work on all programs with text editors such as Microsoft Office Applications, Adobe Software, Corel, Inkscape etc. Specifically for opentype features or alternate characters you can access them using Opentype editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

How can I access the additional glyphs in the commercial versions?

Before you buy a commercial license we recommend that you ensure that your program supports this feature. Or you can read information about the Opentype Feature here.

Is it allowed to give the font files to my clients?

No, you are not allowed to share the font with your clients. If your client needs the font file, give them information to buy or download directly in this store.

Can I use fonts for products for sale?

Yes, you can create a physical or digital product with this font up to 1,000 print/sales. When more than 1,000 print/sales, you are required to purchase Extended licenses.

I use fonts to create printable product templates (poster, business card, logo, etc), am I allowed to provide fonts in my template files?

No. You are not allowed to provide font files in your template files, however, you can rasterize or convert text into graphical objects from the fonts to create designs that are displayed in all medium, as long as you don’t include each invidual characters of font.

Can I resell your font?

If you want to sell 50Fox fonts, you can contact me to get a way to sell 50Fox fonts.

Can I embed this font on my website?

Yes, you can use fonts in web pages if you buy Webfont License. Allowed to use CSS @ font-face in one domain name only. If you want to embed more than one domain font. You are required to purchase an another webfont license.

Can I share a font files that I download to a friend, or distribute via download on a blog?

No. You are not allowed to share files you download to your friends or make available fonts for download on your site, you are required to share 50Fox website to download or purchase the font.

If you have any other questions, comments or suggestions, just end us an email [email protected], or use our contact page.